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Over The Counter Medication questions and answers

Q: Medication over the counter for a yeast infection?
I have a discharge and i'm sure is a yeast infection because is itching. What is the best over the counter medication for a yeast infection? Also Monistat what is the difference with the one day and the three day which one works better?

A: I would go with monistat also as i have used prescription yeast meds and monistat and it worked just as good as my prescriptions did..Getting the cheaper does not always mean better..lots of luck always.

Q: if a person is infected with pinworm, is there medication over the counter?
every answer so far usually refers with going to the doctor for a prescription. do they have over the counter medication for pinworm? if so, what is the name of it. oh yeah, and also, if you went to the doctor for some, will they just prescribe them to you or are they going into inspect you're "infected area"?

A: In the US you can go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for something called Pin-X. It's not a prescription but has to be kept behind the counter. I'm not sure if a doctor will look because you can't always see them on the outside.

Q: What is the best medication (over-the-counter) for severe back pain?
I have several injuries. A couple of herinated discs in the lower back and one in my neck and Scoliosis in the upper back where my lungs are. Right now, I have tried several types of meds but it does not seem to do much. The ones that help increase my pain twice as much as I start with so I had to get off them. All I'm asking is for a recommend brand or name of over-the-counter meds I can take. By the way, the reason I'm asking for OTC vs. other prescription drugs is because I have taken almost all different types. My doctor even told me to get off heavy prescription or he was going to send me to rehab.

A: With your problems, I doubt an OTC med is gonna relieve your pain. But since you asked, naproxyn sodium (Aleve) will offer the longest lasting relief, and is also an anti-inflammatory (NSAID). Take two or three of them. Sounds like you need to find a pain mgmt. specialist and get some real relief.

Q: What is the strongest over the counter medication?
I am having surgery soon in Australia and have been told that the doctors never give you enough pain medication to see you through the recovery period at home. Whats the strongest pain relief medication i can buy over the counter just in case i need some extra relief after my pain killers run out?

A: Never take more the prescribed amount of Tylenol. It will ruin your liver. No liver, no life. So be responsible if you're going to use their products. The problem of people OD'ing on Tylenol has gotten so bad they actually made a commercial or two begging people to follow the label directions. It's only safe if used correctly. Ibuprofen would be better. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Make sure you don't use aspirin. It could lead to bleeding internally. EDIT: Excedrin has Aspirin. Avoid it, too. http://www.excedrin.com/products/es.shtml

Q: What is the best over the counter hemorrhoid medication?
Please only reply if you actually have advice for me, from experience, please..... I have a small hemorrhoid that hurts and bleeds when I wipe, and itches when I wash in the shower. I have talked to my doctor about my options, and I decided I would try an over the counter medication before anything else. So, I am wondering, what should I try? What product works best for you? Is there any medication or brand I should avoid? I really don't even know what's out there at this point.

A: Get both Preparation H wipes and paste. Just follow the directions and hopefully it will improve. Also, try increasing your fiber intake.

Q: Is there a really good over the counter medication for peridontis?
I have peridontis and would like to try and get rid of it before the dentist does a deep cleaning, does any one know of a good over the counter medication that will help?

A: If you have periodontitis, the best way is to have the teeth cleaned thoroughly by a dentist or dental hygienist. That's the reason you definitely need deep cleaning (scaling and root planning). There is no other way around it. Studies have showed that the clinical benefit of medication(antimicrobial) doxycycline hyclate (Periostat;) and locally delivered doxycycline hyclate (Atridox) IN CONJUNCTION WITH with scaling and root planing (SRP) in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. If you don't want to lose your teeth or have to go through a more expensive and painful surgery, deep cleaning is really necessary!

Q: Is there any over the counter medication for dog dermatitis?
My neighbor"s dog has a condition on it's tail. It is a type of dermatitis (vet diagonose last time). The dog's tail has lost hair in a certain pattern. It looks like a rat tail, bald spot then hair then bald spot again etc. The bald patches are rather dry and scaly with no redness. Unfornutatley at this time she is not able to take her dog to the vet and wants to know if there is any over the counter medication that would work. Thanks.

A: She can still call the vet, because it is a FREE call. She should get advise directly from the vet. The best dog shampoo that I have ever used is called Crown Royale. I purchased it at a local dog show. They have formulas for various breeds. If you cannot find Crown Royale, use either Aveeno or Mane and Tail, along with the conditioner.

Q: Is there an over the counter medication similar to antabuse?
I know you need a prescription to get antabuse but I was wondering if there is a similar medication that can be purchased over the counter. I looked online and I see that you can order antabuse from Canada without a prescription but that seems sketchy.

A: there are lots of over the counter meds with amazing claims but Amtabuse is different from most of them, if you are trying to buy Antabuse but do not want to continually get prescriptions then you can buy it online at THE-DRUG-STORE.COM which is a site I use for many of my family's meds. the drug store says that Antabuse/DISULFIRAM can help patients with an alcohol abuse problem not to drink alcohol. When taken with alcohol, this medicine produces unpleasant effects. This medicine is part of a recovery program that includes medical supervision and counseling. It is not a cure. but it does sound like a great start. GOOD LUCK and I hope you succeed.

Q: What's an over the counter medication to calm nerves?
I freak out. About a lot of things. From video games to having to much homework to daily work related things. I hate doing it, and regret it later. Even when I'm freaking out I know I'll regret it and it takes an immense effort to not yell out, but I still can't help not getting mad. Anybody know any medication I can get over the counter to help me calm my nerves?

A: ever try st johns wort, and are you drinking a lot of sodas, i think aspertame can make people freak out

Q: My Dog has Tapeworms, Can I purchase over the counter medication?
My dog has been infected with what I believe are tapeworms. They're small rice like worms in his stool and he's constantly rubbing his butt on the ground. I called the vet but he is unavailable until oct1st. Can I purchase over the counter medication, and is it as effective as the vet?

A: Well, this proved annoying. Contradiction! One site says: Tapeworms cannot be killed by the typical over-the-counter wormer. Yet, 1800PetMeds sells all kinds of Tape Worm med's for dogs and cats (see link below). And I see a few company names there I trust. Well if I was in your shoes I would do a little research with all those tape worm medications then call any vet and ask them if I should use one of the medications offered over the counter until I could get my friend to the vet. Best of wishes!

Q: Is there any over the counter pill or liquid itch medication?
I have ringworm and would like to know if there is any over the counter medication that I can take by mouth like a pill or liquid medicine to help stop the itch. Thanks.

A: Is the ringworm being treated? Are you taking pills or putting the cream on it? If you are not using the cream, you can put benadryl cream over the area, hydrocortisone cream or take benadryl tabs for the itching. If you are not on medication for this, it will not go away by itself. And, the pet that gave it to you also needs to be treated.

Q: Is there any over the counter medication to help focus?
I have a ton of work to do over the next few days and I just keep managing to find a way to get side tracked or procrastinate. Is there any over the counter medication that might do something like help me focus or concentrate or increase my drive to want to do work? Anything of the sort?

A: There are lots of vitamins and supplements on the market that can help with memory. The most basic would be a good Vitamin-B Complex, which is pretty cheap and you can find them anywhere. Also, if you're taking a multivitamin, they come with a full assortment of B Vitamins (if you are not already on a multivitamin, that would be a good place to start). Also, fish oils. These can be found in liquid or capsule form. I prefer the capsules as they are easier to take and do not smell. You can find them at health food stores. Beyond that, you can look into specific individual ingredients like Ginkgo or Ginseng or Vinpocetine. These products can be found on their own at health food stores, or inside 'brain products' or 'mental supplements'. Below is a list of the most popular / best-reviewed products for memory, attention, and focus: 1.http://focusfast.com/ 2.http://www.vivimind.com/

Q: could this be an allergic reaction to an over the counter yeast infection medication?
I thought I had a yeast infection so last night I went to the store and bought an over the counter medication for yeast infections. When I woke up this morning my vagina including the inside was very swollen, red, and it's starting to have a bloody wetness to it. Could this be an allergic reaction or do I need to go to the hospital? I do not have insurance so I can't go to the doctor. What should I do?

A: I agree, it could be an allergic reaction. There are natural remedies for yeast infection that you can use that would be milder and safer in your case. If you still have bleeding after 1 or 2 days, I would surely go see a doctor. You can read up on natural yeast infection remedies if you go here... http://detox-flush.blogspot.com/2009/03/take-advantage-of-yeast-infection-home.html Hope this helps.

Q: What over the counter medication are good to use for rosacea?
Hi. I have had rosacea for a little more than 3yrs. I did not know what my red face ment. I now understand what I have, but do not have the money to go to a dermatologist (Im saving up).. I would like some advise on what to use that is over the counter. thankyou

A: http://www.medicinenet.com/rosacea/article.htm http://www.stiefel.ca/en/about_skin/rosacea.html You can ask the pharmacist for any OTC products that can help. My wife has been using a metro cream for the past three years, prescribed by her Dermatologist, they specialize in this field, which does reduce the inflammation. Unfortunately there is no cure. You should see a doctor as soon as possible. Some tips, stay away from hot stuff. She's looking into laser treatments next to shrink the blood vessels.

Q: Is it safe to take over the counter medication after a night of drinking?
My wife, has the concern that it's not good to take over the counter medications after drinking. This even means the whole next day. For some reason she thinks that it'll hurt if she even drinks Pepto Bismuth because "she still has alcohol in her body" Please anyone help me resolve this.

A: It doesn't apply to all medicines but many stay in the body longer when alcohol is in the body. That has the effect of effectively increasing the dose. There are enzymes in the liver that metabolize alcohol and some other chemicals. If they are metabolized by the same enzymes as alcohol they will not be metabolized as quickly because the enzymes are busy with the alcohol and they can't metabolize the drugs. It applies to opiates, amphetamines and many other drugs.